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Any argument that has the phrase "real gamers" mentioned in it is not an argument worth considering.
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I agree completely. So much so I made a flow chart.

Do you play video games? -> Yes -> You are a real gamer.

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I am also going to point out once again that PS2 still has no user's guide. That is just pure fucking insanity. You want to know why new users drop out at appalling rates? That's why.
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While it would be great to have a user's guide, most new players would never look at it.

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Of course we need to get new players into the game. Let's do that by making an amazing game that retains its veteran population with it's incredibly fun game-play. Build it and the nubs will come. Stop pandering to their every whim.
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Every veteran started as a noob. And if veterans mop the floor with noobs, why would they stay?

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