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Iron Front LITE mod in Arma 3

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  • Iron Front LITE mod in Arma 3


    This project has the agreement of all involved parties:

    Note: You have to own Iron Front to make use of the conversion!

    State of Arma 3 version

    This is still an early version. However it should be fairly playable.

    If you get client or server crashes, please submit all required files to BI at the Arma 3 feedback tracker.

    Thanks to tierprot the German and Soviet units support the A3 clothing system. The US units and other retextures are still to come - assistance welcome.
    Thanks to Shvetz the weapons support the new A3 muzzle flashes, weapon effects and other new features.
    Thanks to Fabio Chavez the terrains shine in the new A3 lighting and more to come.
    Thanks to Fudge working planes with physX tech.

    The long loading times and rpt spam are hopefully soon to be fixed with the next AllInArma updates.
    We need support to bring the large number of cars, trucks and tanks to physX tech (more here and here). Please PM me if interested to help out.

    We will support and continue to improve the Arma 3 version.
    We also want to achieve as good compatibility as feasible with other mods - ie. Invasion 1944.


    Attribution-Non-Commercial-Share Alike 3.0 License (CC BY-NC-SA 3.0)

    Download and play

    Note: You may not redistribute the mod version. Otherwise you might face legal action by the publisher!
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    Han ! C'est vraiment joli ! Les videos de présentation sont absolument énormes et donnent grave envie de replonger en 44 !
    A côté de ça, on voit bien qu'ils ne sont pas encore prêts, et que la plupart des choses dans les jolis teasers ne sont pas fonctionnels. Pas grave, c'est un énorme travail qui va forcément aboutir sur un mod que nous utiliserons certainement très vite, ici, chez les LSD

    Merci pour la trouvaille, Legionnaire !