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Cont Lock finally?

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    Cont Lock finally?

    ---Quote (Originally by Figment)---
    I got some questions:

    1. Once a continent reopens, you'll find 100% in the hands of the enemy. If you take one base, that's likely to be lost again shortly after.

    What treshold(s) or condition(s) needs to be reached before it can be locked again by the empire that locked it before?
    * i.e. Is it unconditionally reopened for a certain period of time allowing an invasion to gain momentum?
    * Does it require being pushed back to such an degree, you lose "dominance" over the continent?
    2. Is a lock immediate after the last base is captured?
    * Or do you need to hold all warpgate borders for a certain period of time and can this lock be broken or prevented by a well timed counter-attack?
    3. Will players be rewarded with (temporary) extra exp or resources for succesful invasions or last stand defense to seduce them to fight till the end?

    Asking, because you might discourage fighting at certain points where players give up.
    ---End Quote---
    Disclaimer: All of this is subject to change.

    When a continent lock is broken, the continent has it’s warpgates configuration incremented to the next and default territory split is set for all 3 empires, and spawning is reenabled.

    Thresholds are set by designers. It will trigger an alert. When the alert is won by the conquering faction, the continent is locked.

    Last stands will be subject to alert XP like normal.

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